Posted on: August 26, 2009 5:02 am

The NFL season in a microcosm

AFC EAST 1. Patriots - They are the class of this division. 2. Dolphins - They come back to earth this season. 3. Bills - The T.O. effect will get this team to .500 or above..but still not enough. 4. Jets - They have some talent...will they adhere or adjust to the new system in time? NORTH 1. Steelers - Superbowl champs, and year in and year out, they put a very competitive team on the field. 2. Ravens - They too will fall from grace, but, will do just enough to hold of a rejuvenated Bengals team. 3. Bengals - You really need to take a close look at this team. Don't underestimate them at any point this season. 4. Browns - Not even Paul Brown himself could revive this disaster..not this season. SOUTH 1. Texans - Yes, I said it..they get their first division title. 2. Colts - All's not well with the transistions in the offseason for this team..there will be further turmoil this year. 3. Titans - Haynesworth's absence will be noticed. ..and if Collins goes down, will Vince step up?..i see an off year for this franchise.. 4. Jaguars - Del Rio has lost his team..they will lose him this year.. WEST 1. Chargers - Too much talent to fail in this division this year.. 2. Raiders - They've worked on this team too long to not finally get something back.. . and it's a good thing that K.C. and Denver aren't near up to NFL speed.. 3. Chiefs - This team just has too much cohesion to fall behind the Broncos.. 4. Broncos - ???..Is Matt Millen there now??.. A very disappointing season for the Denver faithful.. NFC NORTH 1. Vikings - Potential to succeed..but it won't be a cakewalk. Should dominate this division, but they once called it the "Black and Blue" division, for good reason. 2. Bears - They do just enough to hold of a scheme confused Packers team this year. 3. Packers - Good overall talent, the key bits are aging, but this team will not be a pushover..just lost in their own changes on the "D".. 4. Lions - They show actual life this season, but that's about it.. EAST 1. Giants - They're still a good team..Do not discount them..but you'll see some weakness' this year.. 2. Eagles - Andy is tryin for Donovan..but it still won't fly all they way..they're defense will hurt them this year without Dawkins.. 3. Redskins - Uh huh...and their gonna be better than anyone wants to say out loud.. 4. Cowboys - This franchise is gonna finally realize, that, Tony Romo is not the guy..and Jerry will be too distracted to effectively coach, GM, and own this team. T.O. gets the last laugh. SOUTH 1. Saints - "D" is questionable..Offense will once again carry this team.. 2. Panthers - They'll go as far as Delhomme can take them..look for him to fall on his sword. 3. Buccaneers - This team is gonna be a bit spooky ..They can play, but for how long, and against who? 4. Falcons - This is gonna be a competitive team, that will fall victim to last second field goals and 1 point's a new year. WEST 1. Seahawks - This is a talented team that had a bad year. Look for them to fly by the Cardinals this year. 2. Cardinals - NFC Champs, they lose a little luster with the defection of Haley. They will limp down the stretch. 3. 49ers - This is a good, young, talented team that, if it has a real veteran QB, they too could fly by the Cards too... 4. Rams - The new Lions..enough said. Agree or disagree, that is your right, this is what i think about the upcoming NFL season...Go Vikings
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